Introduction - Who we are

We are a dynamic and evolving company focused on the development of information systems (IS) and providing consultancy services related to design or specifying of information systems. We specialise in the field of rail transport in particular, be it freight or passenger transport, traffic management. Our unique advantage is an excellent knowledge of the environment together with the creative approach to the sought solutions.

We continually keep an eye on new technical and technological developments which could benefit our customers.


The company was established in 2008 under the name CDT-International s.r.o. as a successor to Trade CDT s.r.o. - a subsidiary of ČD Telematika a.s. In 2009, CDT-International became the property of only one owner - Rex Invest s.r.o. Along with this move, the company's name was also changed in 2009 to RPP International s.r.o. (Railway Process Project), which again reflects the company's mission and focus. The company has been operating in this form since.


We aim to be a reliable partner for our customers. A partner who always brings new ideas and solutions based on modern trends and progressive technologies. We strive to design solutions which help our customers in being more efficient in all their activities.

We are offering the potential of our team everywhere where the customer is open to progressive technologies and making their processes more efficient.


Our main activities are

  1. Process engineering
    • For passenger and freight rail transport technologies, for rail traffic management and rail infrastructure
    • IT systems support and process optimisation in rail transport
  2. Design of IT solutions for the "core business" customers
  3. Design and development of new products
  4. System analysys, processing of system requirements and analyses, and designing of proposed systems (visual modelling, etc.)
  5. Software solutions for transport and logistics
  6. Drafting and compiling of
    • Technical-economical studies, feasibility studies, return of investment, etc.
    • Strategic documents for customers on matters of company strategy
    • Business offers, offers for European projects in terms of research and development programmes
    • Tenders, related documents
    • Expert studies, analyses, assessments
  7. Product integration
    • Design of complex solutions, long-term business cooperation
    • Process optimisation, resources savings


Our ability to collaborate with various partners (also on an international level) and the ability to coordinate activities during all stages of projects is a very signifiant factor in the path towards achieving a projected vision and success. We cooperate mostly in the field of:

  • trade
  • implementation strategy
  • development and customisation of SW products
  • product integration.


As evidence to the quality of software development management and services provided in the field of information technologies we hold the following certificates issued by the certification body TÜV SÜD Czech:

  • ČSN EN ISO 14001 (EMS = environmental management system);
  • ČSN EN ISO/IEC 27001 (ISMS = information security management system);
  • ČSN EN ISO 9001 (QMS = quality management system);
  • ČSN ISO 10006 (PQM = project quality management).